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A sublimation style patch is a type of patch that is made using a special dye sublimation printing process. This process involves printing an image onto a transfer paper using special inks, and then using heat and pressure to transfer the image onto a polyester material, which is then cut into a specific shape and size.


The result is a patch with vibrant, high-quality graphics that are embedded into the fabric, rather than printed on top of it. This means that the image is less likely to fade, crack or peel over time, as the dye becomes a part of the patch itself.


One of the advantages of sublimation style patches is that they can feature a full-color design without the need for separate color layers or screen printing, making them a great option for complex or detailed designs. They can also be easily applied to a variety of surfaces using an adhesive or by sewing them onto the desired item.

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What is a Sublimation Vinyl Patch


Premium Sublimation Fabric

We utilize a premium fabric made specifically for the sublimation process.  Fabric is Made in the USA.


Pressure Sensitive Permanent Hook Backing

Our hook backing utilizes pressure sensitive glues that ensures a permanent bond to the vinyl material.

What options are there?


Millions of Colors

With sublimation printed patches you get the best color print available for patches.  Blended or transparent colors are all achievable.  We can also uses your print ready artwork or we can take whatever you come up with and make it beautiful.


Cut to any shape.

We use state of the art lasers to cut your patches to any shape.

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