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Woven Patches

A woven patch is a type of patch that is made by weaving threads together on a loom, much like how fabric is made. The result is a patch that has a high level of detail and a textured, three-dimensional look, as the threads are interwoven to create the design.

Woven patches are often used for emblems, logos, and other designs that require high levels of detail or intricate patterns. They can also be used to create lettering or smaller details that may not be possible with other types of patches. Woven patches can be made with polyester or cotton threads, and can be created in a wide variety of colors.

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What options are there?


Great Detail

Woven patches are normally used for small printed labels in clothing or on gear.  They offer great quality and details that you can get with embroidery.


Cut to any shape.

We use state of the art lasers to cut your patches to any shape.

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