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Embroidered Patches

Our Embroidered Patches are proudly made in the USA!

An embroidered patch is a type of patch that is made by stitching thread onto a fabric backing to create a design. The threads are usually made of cotton, rayon, or a blend of synthetic fibers and come in a variety of colors. The design can be simple or complex, and may include text, logos, images, or other graphics. Embroidered patches are commonly used to decorate clothing, bags, hats, and other items as a form of personal expression, or as a symbol of affiliation with a particular group or organization. They are also often used as a way to commemorate a special event, achievement, or milestone.

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What are the different edge types available?



A merrowed border is a sewn border that encompasses the entire patch.  It gives the patch a finished edge to stop fraying and provide a clean looking edge to the patch.  Merrowing is normally done by hand by a sewing technician and takes considerable skill to have it come out correctly. Merrowing is normally done on symmetrical patches such as circles and squares, although we can merrow many odd shapes.

Laser cut to shape custom patch

Laser Cut to Shape

Used on odd shape patches, we can laser cut your patches to any shape. This can allow for a thinner border on the patch. Before the use of lasers this was known as hot cutting.  Patch manufacturers would use a hot knife to cut out patches and burn the edges down so they wouldn't fray.  We do still hot cut some patches but it is rarely done now.

What does embroidery coverage mean?


100% Embroidered

Fully embroidered with premium embroidery thread.  No fabric is showing.


75% Embroidered

Embroidered on fabric with fabric showing but the majority of the patch is embroidery.  We utilize US made twill or ripstop fabric depending on color chosen.


50% Embroidered

Simple embroidered lettering on a fabric background.  We utilize US made twill or ripstop fabric depending on color chosen.

What are the different backing types?


Hook and Loop

Hook and Loop is the generic term for VELCRO®.  Most of our patches come with Hook (hard side) backing on them and the Loop is sold separately if needed.  Most backpacks, hats and tactical gear now come with loop already attached to them making the loop unnecessary in many cases.


Iron on / Sew on

An Iron-on backing has a heat applied adhesive activated by using a iron or heat press.  Normally a sew-on patch has a plain backing with no heat active adhesive applied.  We normally apply the iron on backing anyway to add stiffness to the patch for better quality and to allow the user the option to sew or iron-on or even better, use a combo of both for ultimate adhesion.


Peel & Stick 

Working exactly like a sticker, a double sided adhesive is added to the patch with a paper backing.  Simply peel the paper and attach to your favorite surface.  This is not a permanent application process for fabric, although some companies use this as a hold down material when sewing the patch onto fabrics and hats.

What is this thing on the back of my patch?


The Merrow Tail

The merrow tail is a byproduct of the merrowing process.  There needs to be a tail on every merrowed patch so the border does not unravel.  Please do not cut it off.  On sew on patches we either burn it or glue it to the backing.  For VELCRO® backing it is not necessary as the hook backing will hold the tail in place.  Often times we will get an email from a customer telling us we didn't finish their patch, or that we left a huge thread uncut on the back.  Even worse is when we get the "I cut that big thread off the back of the patch and now my border is unraveling."   The tail is necessary and perfectly normal.  If it begins to fray or unravel for some reason, you can burn the end of it with a lighter and tuck it back.  

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